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Educational Pathways: College Admissions Counseling

College Counseling Packages

Junior/Senior Counseling Package

This two year package is designed to guide students and their families throughout the entire college admissions, application, and decision making process. This package is ideal for students entering the 11th grade who wish to use the two full years in an effort to fully optimize a college selection and application strategy. Throughout the two years, we will work directly with the student to develop a comprehensive understanding of the student’s needs and desires as they relate to the find-ing the best collegiate fit for that student. Using this data, we continue to work alongside the student to develop a comprehensive college list (including safety, reach, and target schools) of ten schools in which to apply, establish a timeline for testing, application, and recommendation deadlines, develop a resume, identify and prepare for college visits, discuss early action and early decision strategies, brainstorm essay ideas and review up to three completed essays, application completion assistance and review, discussion surrounding possible recommenders and strategies for requesting recommendations, college admissions and alumni interview preparation, scholarship search assistance, admission offer evaluation, and discussions surrounding collegiate success. As with any of our comprehensive plans, the junior/senior counseling package allows for unlimited access to your college counselor, throughout the two year process.

Senior Year Counseling Package

This full-year package is designed for students who have developed a concrete college list. The senior year counseling package offers great value to a family who would like access to professional guidance throughout the student’s entire senior year. As you tackle the overwhelming college application, admissions, and decision making process, throughout your senior year, you can count on us to be there with you, every step of the way. If you are up late at night stressing over deadlines, just reach out to us and your questions will be answered before you leave for school in the morning! This package includes a review, assessment, and suggestions related to the student’s academic, testing, and extracurricular profile, application timeline development (including early action and early decision, if applicable), college visit guidance, application completion assistance, essay brainstorming and review for up to three major essays, interview advice, and a full year of college counselor availability.

Elite Senior Year Package

Designed for students who are getting a late start to the college admissions process, this package allows for a full year of unlimited college counseling services. Your college counselor will be there for your every need throughout the admissions, application, and decision making process. Just as with the senior year counseling package, the elite package provides unlimited access to us throughout the entire process. In addition to the services provided with the senior year counseling package, the elite package includes an initial evaluation to gather relevant information regarding the student’s academic, testing, extracurricular, and personal background, a self-reflection used to determine important college characteristics to drive college search, college research time, creating a college list (including safety, target, and reach schools), scholarship search advice, and anything and everything in between!

Essay Assistance Package

Often times, the essay can be the deciding factor when it comes to whether a student is admitted or denied from a college. Admission committees look to the essay to provide insight and depth into the candidate that may not be found elsewhere in the student’s application. The essay assistance package guides students toward identifying appropriate and unique essay topics that will lead to the development of a well written essay, allowing the student’s application to stand out from crowd. In addition to developmental guidance, this package provides proofreading and editing services that ensure a polished final product. It is important to note that Educational Pathways does not write application or scholarship essays for our clients. Our goal is to provide conceptual, developmental, and editing services that allow for creative guidance in drafting, focusing, and polishing essays.

"Your Choice of Service" College Advising

This package, created for students aiming to “fine-tune” their college application strategy, offers the ability to purchase a three hour block of time to be used for any college counseling service that students may need. This package may include services such as the development of a student resume to maximize the presentation of extracurricular activities, in and out of school achievements, and service learning. It could also include a review of a student’s college applications, scholarship applications, or financial aid applications as well as any supplemental materials prior to submission.